Where has the time gone? After logging into my blog account, I never realized I had been out of the blogger world for over a year. My intention was to only take a small break from the blogger world as I was afraid I didn't have anything others would think would be interesting enough to read. I also would compare my blogs to others'. Much like when I started to feel the pangs of lupus, I compared myself to others that were in perfect health. Why couldn't I be like them again? I wished for my face to go back to normal after being affected by Prednisone side effects.  I wished that I was physically strong like them. I can go on and on...but as I think about it now, blogging is about sharing your OWN personal thoughts and experiences...and in your OWN words. You know that saying "Dance like no one is watching"? Well, I plan on writing like no one is reading. So I hope you can continue to enjoy my blog!

So now for a little catching up! My last blog was on July 5, 2011. Needless to say, A LOT has happened since then. When I had stopped blogging, I continued to experience lupus symptoms, including muscle weakness. It made it very difficult to live "normally" but I knew I had to try and push through it....and I did.  We were still newlyweds and wanted to do what newlyweds do...move, start a family (possibly), etc.

Well, my husband and I finally moved from my tiny condo to what feels like a mansion. When you live in such small quarters, anything feells like a mansion! Unfortunately because of the current housing market, we're still in the process of trying to sell my condo....booooo.

Living in our "mansion" is awesome! But  it wasn't easy getting here. While in the midst of trying to buy and sell, my husband and I were working a ton of crazy hours at work and it happened to be inching closer and closer to the holidays. Needless to say, the craziness ended up wreaking havoc on my immunocompromised body. My lupus symptoms were through the roof. Toward the end of 2011, my muscle  weakness was not getting better and I was always short of breath. I had gotten so used to it that it felt normal to me...until the day of my doctor appointment with my pulmonologist. After I told him of my symptoms that I had been experiencing for months, he ran some tests and sent me straight to the hospital! Turned out, I was diagnosed with  Lupus Pneumonitis! They wanted to keep me in the hospital for 2 nights but we had to close on our house after the first night. I was able to talk them into discharging me.  That day I was discharged, I was so excited about the house, I had my husband take us to buy some furniture. I wasn't able to walk so my sweet and caring husband pushed me around in a wheelchair, following my every whim. We closed on our house the next morning and the start of our extensive remodeling began! (By the way I forgot to mention that we had bought a foreclosed fixer upper. Crazy I know.)

It's January 2013 and we're very close to finishing up with our remodel of the 1st floor. YAY!!! Unfortunately, in February 2012, I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis.  Yep, lupus decided to attack my kidneys. Fun. But I'm still here and enjoying life!

As much as I'd love to write more about my new diagnosis, it's getting late and I really need to go to bed. Lupies need their rest! So please stay tuned for more!

G'nite and see you again soon! (And it isn't going to take me another year and a half to blog again either!)

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