Big surprise, since the last time I posted, after trying to continue weaning off Prednisone after 11mg, I ended up flaring with fevers. Needless to say, my nephrologist decided to start me over at 20mg again. Sure I was disappointed but ironically happy that my fevers subsided.

After taking to my nephrologist, we decided to continue weaning off again but at a slower pace...1mg every 3 weeks.  With my fingers crossed, it's been going good! I'm currently at 13mg and planning on weaning down to 12mg next week if all goes well. I had a fever last week of 102.3 which is quite high for me. After a couple of doses of extra strength Tylenol, my fever lasted for only a day. Everyday since then, I've been slowly recovering from it. According to my Rheumy, he believes my body was trying to fight an infection and didn't believe it was my lupus. He said this because it only lasted a day.

I really wish my body would let me wean off faster but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Let's just hope all goes well the next time I wean down because I really would like to have the option to have kids in the near future.

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