Let's face it, Lupus stinks! It changes your looks, your abilities, and your life. I went from doing anything and everything in life to "let's see if my body will cooperate today so I can do one thing on my list". I went from looking young and vibrant to sickly and run-down. I have to admit that my self-esteem isn't at the highest it used to be.

But today, I'm looking past all that holds me back from being happy with my life. There's too much in life that can be appreciated. So what if I can't walk very far today? I can still be able to hang out with loved ones and just do more talking and watching than moving around. So what if I can't move my fingers today? I can always relax and read a good book on my kindle.

I heard a song today that reminded me of loving myself no matter what. Here's an excerpt from the song that holds truth: "I'm not the average girl from your video. I'm not built like a supermodel. I've learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen!". Powerful words that is a reminder that even though you're "different" now, doesn't mean you lost who you are. You're still that strong person inside that is just a bit altered nowadays. You still have faith, love and hope. You still can dream. You could still look beautiful with shorter hair or with a little more meat on your bones because of medications or what have you.  You are still you inside.

If you would like to hear the song that inspired me today, you can listen here.
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