As I mentioned in a previous post, my workplace has made quite a few changes. Sometimes change can be a good thing but other times, it can be really scary. I learned of a new change last week.

The firm held a meeting where it was imperative that everyone attend. It turned out to be a meeting about a change in our health insurance. This change has proven to be a VERY scary one for me. For one, although I pay a premium every month for my current insurance, it has been completely worth it. Right now, I have a PPO Plan. I'm able to see whatever physician I like and go when I need to, without having to get any referrals. I pay a very reasonable co-pay for every physician I see and every test and procedure I have. My medication co-pays are quite reasonable as well. In my heart of hearts, I don't think I could have gotten better like I have without a plan like this. What more can a chronically sick person ask for?

Well now, at the meeting, we were given an option between three different healthcare plans: 1) HMO Base Plan, 2) HMO with a Heath Savings Account and 3) PPO with a Health Savings Account. I have never dealt with a Health Savings Account before but it seems like a really good thing from the information I was given. Upon everything I've read and researched about each plan, I would love to try one with a Health Savings Account, as they offer great coverage and my company makes a contribution (so very grateful for that). However, those plans require me to pay a premium and pay a high deductible before the insurance kicks in and any of my medications are covered.  Two of my numerous medications cost an average of $150 a month each to fill. Also, when checking the prices of all my doctors appointments and procedures within the last 90 days, I found that I would have met that deductible. Great right? Yes of course, IF only I was wealthy enough to cover that deductible out of pocket in that short amount of time EVERY year.  Unfortunately for me, I am not in a position where I can afford this. So, needless to say, I plan on choosing  the HMO Base Plan. With this plan, I would always be able to get my prescriptions on a co-pay basis.  I would still have to meet a deductible, however, that deductible amount isn't as high as the ones with a Health Savings Account.

Though I'm extremely grateful that I have insurance period, I'm quite weary about how this new one is going to work for a chronically ill person such as myself. How is this new plan going to affect the quality of care I am receiving now?  On a positive note though, at least I have insurance. Plus, I am able to keep my primary care physician and most of my specialists who have been with me since Day 1. The unknown is such a scary thing...

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