As a person living with Lupus, I am very blessed to say that I do get a lot of help from my husband, friends and family members when I need it.

When my mom knows that I'm not particularly feeling well, she will cook some meals for me and deliver them to my house. She'll even do this when I'm well. There's nothing like the love of a mom!

My husband has been helping by picking up my slack...doing the grocery shopping and cleaning the house. I am very grateful for all of his help, especially when he works long, hard days already...and not the sit-at-a-desk all day job. His job is quite physically demanding. And at his age (he'll probably kill me for saying this..ha!), I'm not sure how much longer his body is going to be able to keep up. But yet he keeps up with everything.

My friends have been so very understanding about my illness and me having to miss out on a few occasions and get-togethers. They always offer to help me in any way they can. For instance, when we go out, they drop me off at the front door to make sure I don't overexert myself when I'm not feeling well or they will ask if they can get something for me.

Even the kids (i.e., my niece and nephews) help me. Sometimes when I'm watching them, I like to take them errand shopping with me. Of course during that errand, I always like to pick up a toy for each of them. I'm an aunt, I'm allowed to spoil them...hehe) The other day, I took them shopping at the local Walmart, picked up some groceries, toys and some other odds and ends. When we got to my house and without me even asking, the kids each took some bags and brought everything in for me.

It's the big things and little things that everyone does for me that I'm so appreciative of. I have to admit sometimes that I can't help but feel like I'm a burden. No one has ever made me feel like I am and everyone tells me time and time again that I am not but I just can't help it. I think it stems from always being the one that helped others, not the other way around.

Through the years, I've finally come to the realization that it's normal to feel guilty and that people like to help.  Never in a million years would I ever take that help for granted. And I just want to thank everyone in my life that has helped me in any way.
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