Why does it always seem like when I'm finally feeling good, I get hit with more health issues? Without getting into detail, I found out today that I'm going to need treatment done to manage the effects of my immune system being so out of whack....again. Schedule a doctor's appointment. Check.

You'd think by now I'd get used to news like this. Sometimes I am. A lot of times, I kind of just expect it.  It's not always a bad thing though because when you expect things like this to happen, when they do, you're just more prepared for it. It would be silly for me to think that all my lupus problems are going to magically disappear one day.  But hey, one can always hope, right? Wishful thinking? Most definitely....but hopeful. 

It's days like this when I find myself looking back at my life before Lupus. I was so active...going to school, working, hanging out with family and friends, and trips and vacations.  I was a bundle of energy. I looked good, I felt good and I was really happy. I can't exactly pinpoint the last time I felt this way (the looking good & feeling good part). Sure I have a good day here and there but to actually feel that way for more than a day, I can't exactly remember. I long for those good days.

So when I feel like this, I try to do things that put a smile on my face. First, I turn on my iPod and put on Van Morrison's "Days Like This" song. Then I go through old photos and videos that make me laugh. Lately, it's been videos of my niece and nephews that do that. They are truly amazing kids and just being their fun, goofy selves, they help me to realize that life is full of good things.  I just have to be reminded of that sometimes. 

A picture from our trip to Mexico in 2008

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  1. Headstrong Says:

    Oh goodness! I hear everything you've written here - I'm right there with ya, pullin' up my big girl panties and keepin' on keepin' on! All the best to you, the happiest of holiday seasons, heralding a beautiful new year!

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